Caitlin Brady

Voting Member

Caitlin Brady is originally from a small farming community in rural Missouri hemmed in by rolling rivers and humming train tracks. As a kid she often daydreamed of going wherever the water and trains flowed. Eventually an opportunity arose and as a first generation student she went on to attend college in Chicago, IL. A passionate gardener and student of languages from an early age, Caitlin earned a degree in Romance Languages and Literature and became involved as a leader in environmental and sustainable farming organizations during her time at school. Since then, she has made sustainable agriculture and education the center of her work. Her acquired language and agricultural skills have allowed her to connect with different cultures through farming around the world. She has spent significant time working as an interpreter in the coffee and milpa fields of Central America as well as operating her own organic farm for a number of years in Lancaster, PA.

Caitlin now makes her home in Philadelphia working as an agricultural educator and food justice advocate for the non-profit, Greener Partners, whose mission is to connect communities through food, farms and education. With Greener Partners headquarters just outside of Norristown, Caitlin had the privilege to connect with CCATE in the autumn of 2016. Since then she has been co-teaching an environmental education class that centers around the beautiful garden constructed by the families of CCATE. It is a great honor for her to be working with the CCATE family as a student, educator and board member.