CCATE Community Based Research Circle

Our research circle first came together in 2015 to present at the Ethnography in Education Research Forum at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. At this conference, a group of CCATE families and teachers presented family perspectives on home-school communication for Latinx immigrants. Based on this experience the circle co-wrote its first article on the topic of documentation status and schooling, which was published in 2016 in the Journal of Diaspora Indigenous and Minority Education (LINK TO ARTICLE). The Circle  formally established itself in 2018 and since then has conducted research to address challenges faced by the Latinx immigrant community and to develop policy interventions and recommendations.

Featured Speakers at the Ethnography Forum, University of Pennsylvania, 2020

Our Mission

 We are a community of researchers that has emerged from the Latinx immigrant community, and  who are conducting dignifying and humanizing community-based research. Together we work towards a better future in which our research will affect public policy, facilitate full access to education for and from the community, and create counter-narratives that challenge the dominant systems that dehumanize our families and other minoritized groups. To reach these goals, we call for generous collaboration, critical lenses, and a commitment to work tirelessly from, with and for the community.

Dialogue and Reflection, 2015