Mission: Education



We believe that education is key to the success of our communities. Thus, the formation and preparation of our people take priority, from children to senior citizens, both men and women. We provide support for students so that they can excel in their schoolwork and move successfully through primary and secondary education in order to attain higher professional and/or technical education.

In addition to the need for first-generation Hispanics to become proficient in English as a second language, CCATE also encourages our youth to be equally proficient in Spanish. Becoming completely bilingual and adept in both languages can increase job opportunities.

CCATE affirms the importance of education in the areas of health, life planning, and sexual orientation to encourage youth toward healthy lifestyles and positive relationships that enable them to progress to a stable and rewarding future. We believe that it is better to prevent problems rather than to have to resolve them later.

Environmental education is also prioritized by CCATE, encouraging the youth to take steps towards forming a healthier and happier planet. Through such education, we hope the students integrate what they learn into their everyday lives so that the greater population collectively benefits from a greener atmosphere and is also inspired to join in on the efforts.