CCATE is delighted to have each one of these faculty members as part of our family.

We appreciate your contribution to making the community a better place, and hope you are having a nice time here!

Cristobal Vega

Cristobal Vega was born in Norristown, PA on November 11, 1993. He graduated from Norristown Area High School in 2012 and is currently enrolled at Montgomery County Community College.
Cristobal holds a leading positing in teaching young students about the fundamentals of drawing and painting. He also helped to create the soccer program at CCATE, and is the leader of the Boy’s Group.


Tessi Ruiz

Tessi Ruiz was born in Lima, Peru in 1988 and moved to the United States with her family in 1988. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health and will hold a Master Degree in May of 2018. She facilitates the Girl’s Empowerment Group and coaches the CCATE girls’ soccer team. She enjoys working with the students as well as with the parents and other adult members of the CCATE community.


Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson works as a director for marketing and strategy at Merck & Co. He began volunteering at CCATE in 2013 as a Math/Science tutor and joined the board in 2015. He has always been supportive in developing CCATE membership and program.


Ashley Chen-Kim

Dr. Ashley used to be the cello principal in multiple leading orchestras in Taiwan and New York. She has performed in orchestra and chamber music all over the world. In 2011, she obtained her doctoral of musical arts degree in Rutgers University.  
Dr. Ashley has many years of experience teaching and performing professionally, and enjoys working with students of all ages. She now teaches the Group String Classe at CCATE.

  • Obed Arango, Analogue photography and podcast instructor, Participatory Action Research assistant. 
  • Caitlin Brady, Environmental Care and Gardening instructor 
  • Guadalupe Castillo, Fitness Instructor
  • Inés Castro, Architecture head instructor 
  • Elizabeth de la Cruz, Robotics and Programming Instructor
  • Dulce de la Luz, Creativity Instructor
  • Dr. Rosalva Esquivel Cote, Environmental Care and Gardening instructor 
  • Gary Gómez, Fitness Instructor
  • Reyna Hernández, Cooking Instructor 
  • Dr. Karyn Holis, Adult English class Instructor
  • Dr. Holly Link, Participatory Action Research Instructor, High School Advisor and Director of Educational Programs
  • Diego Ledesma, Reading Instructor 
  • Giliam Lorenzo, Environmental Care and Gardening instructor
  • Diana Lugo, Artivistas adult coordinator and Plastic Arts Instructor
  • Marisol Martínez, Cooking Instructor 
  • Melissa Ortiz, High School Advisor
  • Juan Carlos Orozco, Music Instructor 
  • Tessi Ruiz, Reading Circle Instructor and Empowerment Girls Instructor
  • Charlotte Stone, Empowerment Girls Instructor and High School Advisor
  • Cristobal Vega, Art and Painting Instructor