Since 2014, we have offered filmmaking and animation classes during the school year and summer camps. Students learn basic cinematographic languages, editing, use of cameras, sound recording, and script writing. Throughout the years, students have produced narratives, documentaries, experimental videos, and animations.

Awarded productions at the Annual Bucks Fever FilmFest include:

  • The Orphanage – 2014 (Narrative)
    • Honorable Mention
  • The Jurassic Egg – 2015 (Animation)
    • Honorable Mention
  • Nuestro Pueblo – 2016 (Documentary)
    • Finalist
  • Not Your Average Recycling Film – 2016 (Animation)
    • Winner
  • Sueños [Dreams] – 2017 (Experimental)
    • Honorable Mention

Close to 200 students have participated in both the production of these films and in the weekly filmmaking classes.

Today, there are advanced classes as well as classes for beginners.