Mural Arts

The Mural Arts class explores ideas close to our cultural roots and experiments with modern art. Around 500 participants have been a part of the creation of 4 murals made by CCATE including:

  • Abrazo de dos realidades [Embracing Two Realities] – 2013
  • El camino de Quezacoatl (The Road of Quetzacoatl) – 2014
  • El Zócalo (The Central Square of Mexico City) – 2015
  • The Social Movements of México (Permanently installed at Villanova University) – 2016
  • Voices of Peace and Social Transformation – (Permanently installed at the Norristown Area High School)- 2017-2018

The curriculum includes the theory of color, scale, basics of graphic design, and painting. The class strives to facilitate expression to enrich the community with ideas, color, visions, and a critical understanding of life and history. The class is open to students and adults of all ages.