Obed Arango 

Executive Director

Obed Arango Hisijara is a Mexican photographer, visual artist, anthropologist, journalist, university professor, and media producer. He holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology and a BA in Communications. His area of expertise is Latin America: a beautiful land full of life, promise, and beautiful people, whose essence he sees, captures, and shares through the depth of his voice and the artistic expression of his photojournalistic pieces.





Holly Link, PhD 

Director of Educational Programs and Research

A former bilingual teacher, she is also an educational consultant in the fields of English as a Second Language and Dual-Language Education. At CCATE, she is developing a participatory research center for young people and adults through which they can promote social transformation and inform public policy. Her research on Latinx students and schooling has been published in the Harvard Educational Review, the American Educational Research Journal, and the Journal of Latinos and Education.




Caitlin Brady 

Manager of Outreach & After School Education

Caitlin Brady is an educator, artist, and environmental justice advocate. She connected with CCATE in the autumn of 2016 when she began volunteering as a co-teacher of gardening and environmental education. Caitlin earned a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University and Millersville University and studied abroad at the Institute of MesoAmerican Permaculture where she pursued interdisciplinary studies in environmental science, agriculture, conservation and more. She joined the staff in 2021 and became a part of growing the dreams of the community.



Diana Lugo Martínez 

Manager of Adult Programs & Community Outreach

Diana is a Mexican visual artist whose inspiration is her comunidad at CCATE Diana explores and creates with visual arts through analog photography, textiles, and painting. She also facilitates many of the adults programs including the Health Circle, Las Artivistas, and our new morning classes; moreover she pursues collaborations between CCATE and other organizations and individuals. For Diana, art is a powerful tool for social transformation through the creation of counter-narratives that challenge and reframe negative portrayals of immigrants living in the US.



Chang Li 

Development Coordinator

Chang graduated with a Master of Science in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research has concentrated on media studies, racial equity, and public policy. She commenced her role at CCATE in October 2022 and has since made contributions in the realm of research, grant writing, and digital communication. Chang also volunteered her time to teach coding, yoga, and mindfulness. Her dedication makes her an invaluable team member at CCATE. Her popularity resonates within our community.



Nataly Garcia 

Middle School Coordinator

Nataly graduated from West Chester University in 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Latinx/Latin American Studies. Nataly is passionate about working with the Latinx community and has volunteered with several organizations in Norristown that serve the community. She enjoys working with members of the community and believes that by working together they can address systemic and political issues and overcome any barriers that the community has endured. Her main dedication is to uplift and serve the community where she came from.



Edward Reyes 

Financial Manager

Edward is a current student at West Chester University, studying Accounting. He was one of the first students who actively participated in one of CCATE’s highly successful groups, the High School Leadership Group. Edward has been a mentor to the students of CCATE since 2018, and has participated in various filmmaking projects. With a passion in finance and accounting, Edward hopes to teach his community the importance of everyday finance.




Lupita Barrientos

High School Program Advisor

Lupita is an Educational Linguistics PhD student and Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. As a former K-2 dual language bilingual teacher, she is passionate about equitable education opportunities for racialized bilingual students. Lupita supports CCATE youth in developing their post-secondary plans and, as researchers, changemakers y revolucionaries, in investigating issues that matter to them and improving the institutions meant to serve them.



Beca Zhang 


Beca is a current graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, majoring in Nonprofit Leadership. She is majorly in charge of event organizing, grant writing, and fundraising. Beca is very concerned about the healthy growth and diversified development of young generations and has volunteered and interned at China Soong Ching Ling Children’s Foundation as a program coordinator. With an undergraduate background studying psychology at NYUSH, she also cares about students’ mental health development and well-being.




David Villalvazo

Cinema Class Instructor

David is an associate professor at the University of Guadalajara. He has worked as a film editor, director, and cinematographer for many nonfiction films. He was a Fulbright grantee and Mexican Academy award nominee. As a Ph.D. Candidate in Documentary Arts and Audio/Visual Research at Temple University, he dedicates himself to explaining how the special action of the arts uniquely produces and disseminates knowledge and to critically show how Cinematic Montage and Sound Design work in exploring, grasping, and informing the world.