Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow, is CCATE’s leadership development and college preparatory program for high school students. In weekly meetings, students explore university and college pathways, learn about career options, and develop leadership and research skills. Students also meet weekly for SAT preparation.

In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Greenfield Intercultural Center and the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, students visit Penn’s campus each month for different workshops, events, and interactions with Penn students and faculty. Students also present their research and work at local educational conferences such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Annual Ethnography in Education Forum and West Chester University’s Latino Communities Conference.

Each summer, the group plan and fundraise for an out-of-state, overnight college visit. Visits in recent years have included: the University of New Haven, Yale University, Cornell University, and Ithaca College. Additionally, throughout the school year, students visit local universities and colleges.