Wellness & Environmental Care

The full seasonal cycle of the gardening and cooking class brings students closer to the natural rhythms of our world, while at the same time connecting them to the source of their food, the roots of their heritage and the amazing science behind it all.

Through hands-on weekly workshops, the students of the Gardening and Cooking class explore topics in science and sustainability while developing skills to cultivate their own vegetables, eat healthier, and to prepare traditional Mexican dishes with produce from the CCATE garden.

The garden was started by the CCATE community in partnership with The Food Trust in the summer of 2016. It has grown each season to include a variety of urban growing methods, a composting project, a rain water collection system and a rain garden that was designed and developed in collaboration with the John James Audubon Society. Our goals for the future are to increase the sustainability and biodiversity of the garden so it may serve as a space for continuous learning and refuge for people, plants, and animals in the heart of Norristown.