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Una entrevista con Christy Arango Kautz

Christy Arango Kautz was born in Mexico City, however at early age she moved with her family to Philadelphia Area, as a mexican immigrant she remembers at early age celebrating Mexican Independence day in Pennslanding, marching for the immigration reform in Philadelphia and in Washington D.C., going for tacos to Mexican taqueria “Mexico Lindo” in Norristown, going to the stadium to cheer for Mexico in the finals of Copa de Oro, and visiting her grand parents and family in Mexico whenever the opportunity came up. She started to collaborate at CCATE when she was in high school, a place where she has been able to grow into many positions.

Crímenes de odio contra la AAPI

Por: David Rendon-Garcia / Traducido por Obed Arango Los crímenes de odio contra AAPI (asiático-americanos e isleños del Pacífico) han aumentado desde que la pandemia de COVID-19 afectó drásticamente todas nuestras vidas. Durante el transcurso del 19 de marzo de 2020 al 28 de febrero de 2021, ha habido un total de 3.795 incidentes de […]