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An Interview with Maestra Charlotte Stone

By Erin Drebushenko Charlotte Stone first became involved with CCATE in 2015 while she was in her first semester of college at Montgomery County Community College.  As a part of one of her classes, she was assigned to volunteer at a local organization and ended up in Norristown.  During her time as a volunteer, she grew to […]

An Interview with Marian Vidaurri

By Megan Jackson “If I could help [CCATE] full time, I would,” Marian Vidaurri, CCATE Board Member, says sincerely. “I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere.” As the mother of two children and the Head Advisor to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), she has her hands quite full, but she […]

CCATE – Participatory Action Research Circle at The University of Pennsylvania

Círculo de investigaciones Saturday, February 22, 2020. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The Participatory Action Research Circle of CCATE presented at the annual Ethnography Forum on Education, 2020, an event organized annually by the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. This year the organizers coordinated by Dr. Gerald Campano associate professor of […]

Visita a Thomas Jefferson University

3 de febrero del 2020, Filadelfia, Pennsylvania. El lunes 3 de febrero, la Dra. Holly Link y la maestra Charlotte Stone, llevarón al grupo de preparatoria de CCATE para visitar Thomas Jefferson University, evento que fue coordinado por el Dr. Roberto Rodriguez, profesor de la escuela de arquitectura y también miembro de la junta directiva […]

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