Interview with Carlos Gonzalez: CCATE Mentor and Pfizer Intern

Currently an intern at Pfizer and a senior mechanical engineering major at Widener University, Carlos Gonzalez got involved with CCATE around 7 years ago when his dad met Obed and learned about the organization. Both him and his sister started at CCATE at that time, but it was during his freshman year of college at […]

Interview with Carlos Chavez: CCATE mentor and Intern; start of Pfizer partnership

Carlos Chavez has been with CCATE since 2018. He is a Mexican-American first generation college student studying Computer Science at Temple University. He enjoys promoting equality and diversity in STEM, as well as programming, working out and drinking coffee. He grew up in Norristown where he was very aware of the lack of resources and […]

Interview with Dr. Monica D’Antonio: School Board Member and CCATE Teacher

How do you feel about the recent rally against Joseph Gale? In what ways do you think this gathering was necessary, and what do you hope it accomplishes?  There have been two rallies against Joe Gale this past week: one at the Montgomery County Courthouse and one at Joe Gale’s home (actually, it was at his parents’ […]

El feminicidio de Vanessa Guillén

5 de julio del 2020, por Obed Arango.“Si nuestra indignación es verdadera, y deseamos salir a protestar, es importante reflexionar profundamente en el sexismo sistémico, el machismo y la misoginia”. OA El pasado 22 de abril la Especialista Vanessa Guillén, miembro del ejército de los Estados Unidos, y quien trabajaba en la la base de […]

Interview with Tessi Ruiz: Reading Circle Teacher, Girls Group Facilitator, and Soccer Team Coach

Tessi Ruiz has been with CCATE since 2013 when she began with the Red Cross Club. Since then, she has volunteered to take on several other important roles at CCATE which have included coaching the soccer teams that play in a recreational league in Norristown as well as facilitating the girls group and the reading […]