Clase de Cocina y Jardineria: Recetas de Septiembre!

Las maestras Mariana y Caitlin están emocionadas regresar este semestre a CCATE para ofrecer la clase de Jardinería y Cocina para que nuestros estudiantes prueban cosas nuevas, celebran su raíces culturales, aprendan como cocinar sus propios cultivos y realizan elecciones más sanas y nutritivas para ellos mismos y sus familias. Cada mes durante este semestre […]

Mural of CCATE – John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove at Roosevelt High School

Norristown, PA, July – August 2018 With the direction of artist and CCATE instructor Rebecca Johnson – Zimmerman, 42 students and parents are painting the mural: From Micro Universe to Macro Universe at the greenhouse of The Roosevelt High School. The mural is a year project that will be completed on 2019 with the participation […]


June 26, 2018. Norristown PA. CURAMRICAS Global a non – profit base in North Carolina that has been dedicated to promote health in developing countries during the last 40 years was in CCATE sharing their methodology an experience in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haití, Kenya, Liberia and Sierra Leona where they have had extraordinary results reducing child […]

CCATE – College Road Trip, New York, 2018

June 23, 2018. New York. By Obed Arango It was the turn of New York City. Since the year 2016 CCATE has its annual college road trip for the High School students that during the year committed to volunteer  helping younger students in the after school program and that committed to accelerate in their education […]

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