Interview with Juan Carlos Orozco, Music Instructor

Juan Carlos is a music instructor that has been with CCATE for four years now. As a music instructor, he works with CCATE students that play a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, violin, saxophone, piano, and more. Juan Carlos especially enjoys teaching the students traditional Mexican music but also teaches the kids the songs that they like and want to learn.

Classes with Juan Carlos at CCATE are typically one hour long and occur weekly. On average, there are anywhere from 8-10 students in the class but, at times, up to 15 students will come. Juan Carlos says that the majority of the students are between 10 to 14 years old and some of them even play multiple instruments.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, music classes have been taught in an online format just as the rest of the classes at CCATE. It can be complicated at times to teach online, but the students have been great at adjusting to the new format. Practicing their instruments and music has given many of the students a productive outlet during the challenging times of quarantine. While it is disappointing that the students will no longer be able to perform their music at the annual Noche de Arte event at CCATE which typically takes place in May, they are working hard to perfect their musical talents for future performances. 

Juan Carlos believes that “We must have discipline and keep working hard to accomplish our dreams. For me, CCATE is an opportunity to not only create artists, but great humans with love and humility. We work as a team to achieve our goals. By offering activities that they aren’t in school, our students are able to try and learn new things.”

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