June 26, 2018. Norristown PA.
CURAMRICAS Global a non Рprofit base in North Carolina that has been dedicated to promote health in developing countries during the last 40 years was in CCATE sharing their methodology an experience in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haití, Kenya, Liberia and Sierra Leona where they have had extraordinary results reducing child and maternity mortality.

CURAMERICAS health workshop at CCATE

About fifteen CCATE parents and adults in two days training reflected on the health challenges of the Latinx and immigrant community of Norristown, and learn about the methodology to work data that can guide further decisions for potential programs.

Ms. Barbara Muffoletto who is manager at CURAMERICAS designed a workshop base in previous conversations that CCATE had in past weeks preparing for the workshop sessions. The parents were very active sharing ideas, making questions and reflecting in how will look like a program of health at CCATE base in CURAMERICAS methodology.

In CCATE we know that this is only the beginning of a long relationship and projects towards to transform the health challenges of the Latinx community of Norristown and Montgomery County.