"El difícil arte de migrar", an exhibition of CCATE at the Annenberg Center for the Arts, the University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, October 2, 2019. Annenberg Center for the Arts, The University of Pennsylvania.

“Today we say. We the community share our knowledge with the University of Pennsylvania, Our daily experience and our dreams, our pain and joy, our vision for life and our journey sharing with the largest community of Philadelphia in a marvelous gallery where many thousands will see from October 2 to January 31.” Obed Arango mentioned during the opening of the exhibition “El difícil arte de migrar” [The Difficult Art of Migration], an exhibition that presents 150 pieces of art made at CCATE during the last seven years at the Anneberg Center of the Arts of the University of Pennsylvania. The exhibition will be held from October 2 to January 28, 2020. After, the exhibition will travel to Washington DC and will be on display in the Gallery of Art of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States. The exhibition is sponsored by Latin America and Latino Studies Penn Lals, The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation, Center for Experimental Ethnography, Penn History of Art, The University of Pennsylvania Campaign for the Community, School of Arts and Sciences, Hispanic and Portuguese Studies.

Professor Arango, said “Thanks to all sponsors, specially LALS that has been the most wonderful partner in this adventure. Thanks Dra. Cathy Bartch and Dra. Tulia Falleti for walking the journey and for all your love and support.

The exhibition includes, murals, paintings (Oil, acrylic, pastels), ceramics, cardboard town design, and an installation by the CCATE-Artivistas (Women and girls group). The pieces tells the story and the journey of a community making positive changes in art, education, and culture.

This is the major exhibition of CCATE and brings the views and art of the community to the academic and student community of The University of Pennsylvania.