CCATE – Participatory Action Research Circle at The University of Pennsylvania

Círculo de investigaciones

Saturday, February 22, 2020. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

The Participatory Action Research Circle of CCATE presented at the annual Ethnography Forum on Education, 2020, an event organized annually by the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. This year the organizers coordinated by Dr. Gerald Campano associate professor of UPenn invited the PAR Circle of CCATE and Dr. Holly link as presenters for the conference.

Alondra, Diana Lugo, Dr. Holly Link, Lourdes Flores, Guadalupe Castillo, Laura Sánchez and Dr. Gerald Campano

The presentation of the group raised important topics regarding how the school districts can prepare when it comes to work with the Latinx Immigrant community, understanding not only the cultural background, however, also the current anti-immigrant environment in politics and in the main cultural narrative. The group shared some of the main results of their research that they have been working on during the last two years which focuses in how CCATE has been a place if hope, art and emotional recovery, for those that have experienced traumatic events in wich I.C.E. (Immigration Customer Enforcement) has been envolve

Moreover the group shared how during the last five years they have been preparing themselves learning Particpatory Action Research with the guidance of Dr. Holly Link, who is Director of Educational Programs and the Participatory Research Programs at CCATE, she is also professor of Qualitative Research: Particpatory Action Research and Latinx Community and Public Policy for the School of Social Policy and Practice of the University of Pennsylvania. The group shared with the audience how dialogical education base on the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire has become their method of these many years and how is the base to practice PAR.

CCATE-PAR group preparing for the conference.

The group has been presenting during the last five years i a diversity of academic forums such as The University of Pennsylvania, West Chester University and Rutgers University.

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